What Does House Cleaning Cost?

There are a number of elements that go into determining how much a house cleaning service will charge you to clean your home, which varies from company to company and where you live.
For once off house cleaning, you can expect to pay anywhere from $38 to $50 per hour for a company and $28 to $35 if you hire an individual.

House Cleaning Costs FAQ

Should I Pay For House Cleaning?

The short answer is YES! Hiring a professional cleaning service will not only free you up to do more important things, it’s also creating jobs and helping the local economy.

Hiring a Cleaning Company vs Individual

If getting the cheapest service possible is of utmost importance to you, then I would definitely suggest you hire an individual to do the cleaning. They are almost always going to be the cheapest option since they don’t have the overheads which companies do, such as insurance, staff, super, workers compensation and everything else which comes with running a legitimate business.

On the other hand, if you want reliability and consistency – I’d suggest you go with a company. Even though you’ll pay more, companies are better equipped to offer a more consistent service since they usually have multiple staff members. The vast majority of cleaners don’t stay in the industry for long (especially the ones working for themselves) – so hiring a company will easily find you a replacement when this happens and have all the systems and processes in place to ensure the new cleaner will be able to keep the same level of quality.
Additionally, you are well protected should something happen – such as if the cleaner hurts themselves on your property, steals something or damages an item while cleaning.

How Often Should I Get My House Cleaned?

This really depends on your individual requirements and whether you do any daily basic cleaning yourself in between cleans. Once every two weeks is sufficient for most people but larger households may need weekly cleaning.

How Long Does it Take to Clean a House?

A house cleaning service should be able to clean a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in about 1.5 hours if the house is cleaned on a regular basis. If the house is hasn’t had a clean for awhile, it will take at least 2.5 hours to clean

How Long Does a 3 Bedroom House Take to Clean?

Every home is unique, but as a general rule of thumb, each additional bedroom requires one additional hour of cleaning.
For example, a two-bedroom house will take two hours to clean, a three-bedroom house will take three hours, and so on.

How Long Does it Take to Clean a Bathroom?

Cleaning a bathroom should take between 25 and 45 minutes to get everything sparkling and germ-free. This includes sanitising and cleaning toilets, showers, and baths, among other things.

How Long Should it Take to Clean a Bedroom?

It depends on the size and state of your bedroom, as well as whether you’re doing a normal or deep clean. Cleaning should take no more than 15-20 minutes, including mopping, vacuuming, dusting, tidying up, and smoothing the linens.

What is the Difference Between Basic & Deep Cleaning

A basic clean is intended to aid in the maintenance of a specified level of cleanliness in your home. Vacuuming of the high traffic area, cleaning the bathroom, including the toilet, bath, mirror, and sink. The deep dirt and grime in your home will be removed with a deep cleaning service. It will take care of the places that aren’t usually handled by a standard cleaning service. To find out more, check out –¬† what is included in a deep clean.

What is the Cost to Deep Clean a House?

This will depend on the condition of the house and also the number of items you need done. As an average, it will take 5hrs to deep clean a standard sized 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment which will cost approximately $250 and 8hrs for a 3 bedroom home which will cost approximately $400.

Do You Stay Home With a House Cleaner?

If you want your cleaning done efficiently and get more value for money, it is better to leave the home completely or at the very least, go to another section of the home so you are not in the way of the cleaners. This way, they will not have to try to clean around you and will end up getting more done in the time provided. If you feel uncomfortable leaving someone in your house when you are not there, my suggestion is to get a security camera which will allow you to monitor them on your mobile phone.

Do Cleaners Steal?

Thankfully, our company has never had an incidence of theft. In my opinion, house cleaning staff are no more likely to steal than any other staff in other industry sectors. If you do catch your cleaner stealing, you have two options –

  1. If your cleaner is an individual, then you will need to gather evidence and file a police report
  2. If you’ve hired your cleaner through a cleaning company, you can raise the issue with the company and they will deal with it appropriately. Their insurance will cover theft by staff in the vast majority of cases.
Denton Nakumura
Denton Nakumura

Denton is the supervisor at CE Cleaning Company Sydney and has many years experience in the cleaning industry.