What Does Window Cleaning Cost?

This may be a question you’ve asked yourself if you’ve never hired someone to clean your windows.
How much does it cost in reality?
It’s an excellent question, because window cleaning isn’t as simple as you may think.

You can get the window cleaners with nothing but a mop and squeegee which could be bought from Bunnings Warehouse. The cost for their services will usually be quiet cheap.
Then there are professional window cleaners who come with equipment such as extension poles which can reach 2-3 storeys as well as specialised squeegees with brass tips that leave no streaks and won’t leave scratches on your windows. These window cleaners know their worth and are likely to charge a premium.

How is the Price Determined?

The average cost is generally $15 per window pane. So the price for a standard sized single story home is usually in the range of $180 to $250. At the end of the day, every job is unique and the final price will depend on a number of factors and this is the reason most quotes a done with a site visit or by viewing your home address using google maps at the very minimum.

Factors Which Effect the Price of Window Cleaning

  • Do you have flyscreens? Having flyscreens which need to be removed before the window can be cleaned will add to the cost.
  • 2nd and 3rd story windows? Windows above ground floor will incur additional costs since they will require either a water fed pole, extension pole or ladder to clean.
  • How dirty are they? A window which has not been maintained and cleaned on a regular basis will require more time to clean and will hence increase the cost.
  • Post construction? Cleaning windows after builders is more costly as it’s completely different from a standard window clean since you are dealing with render, pain or cement on the window frames and glass which need to be removed with special chemicals.
  • What type of glass do you have? Glass such as low-e are more difficult to clean since they are easily damaged by scraper blades so will cost more due to the additional risk and labour involved.

Is Window Cleaning Worth It?

You will obtain greater results through professional window cleaning compared to if you were to do it yourself. When you consider your valuable time plus the cost of going out and obtaining all of the gear needed to finish the work, it may even be cheaper to employ a professional.

How Do I Prepare for Window Cleaning?

Clean your blinds of any dust that may come into contact with your clean windows. Move any personal belongings or fragile items away from the windows and remove any decorations that may be hanging on the windows. Inspect your window screens and shutters to determine if you would like them cleaned as well.

Denton Nakumura
Denton Nakumura

Denton is the supervisor at CE Cleaning Company Sydney and has many years experience in the cleaning industry.