House Deep Cleaning: What is Included

There are two forms of cleaning when it comes to the house.
Regular cleaning services are available where a domestic cleaning company maintains the cleanliness of your home and can include floor cleaning as well as basic cleaning of restrooms, kitchens, and other areas.

The second form of house cleaning is deep cleaning which involves a more comprehensive clean and takes much longer to perform.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

This is a comprehensive deep cleaning checklist used by the house cleaning professionals at CE Cleaning Company Sydney –

deep cleaning checklist

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • thorough cleaning of cabinet doors (interior and exterior)
  • cleaning and disinfecting door knobs, handles, pulls and light switches
  • cleaning and organising of drawers (interior and exterior)
  • cleaning of stove top burners
  • thorough cleaning of the oven (outside and inside)
  • cleaning of the hood vent and filter replacement, if required
  • cleaning and disinfecting of the refrigerator, freezer and any other large kitchen appliances
  • cleaning and disinfecting of all small kitchen appliances such as coffee maker, water heater and toaster
  • cleaning of the space under the sink and removal of clutter and debris, if any
  • cleaning and disinfecting of the garbage disposal
  • thorough cleaning of the floor
  • cleaning and organising of all storage containers, cutlery, glasses, cups, mugs, etc.
  • cleaning and disinfecting the trash can
  • removal of all items that don’t belong to the kitchen

Dining Room Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • removal of all unnecessary items
  • dusting of all wall corners, crown moulding and floor moulding
  • walls wiping and scrubbing
  • dusting all surfaces from top to bottom
  • cleaning and disinfection of light switches, power outlets, door knobs, handles and light fixtures
  • washing of all table cushions (or replacement, if required)
  • disinfecting and thoroughly cleaning of all chairs and of the table (legs and underneath included)
  • vacuuming and deep cleaning of the rug or carpet and thorough cleaning of the floor before putting the rug back to its place

Bathroom Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • perform all cleaning tasks from top to bottom
  • cleaning the air vents on the ceiling
  • cleaning and disinfecting light switches, light fixtures, knobs and handles
  • cleaning the mirror
  • cleaning toothbrush holders, soap dish, soap pump, etc.
  • cleaning the shower glass or replacing the shower curtain
  • cleaning and disinfecting the countertops
  • wiping and cleaning windows (interior and exterior)
  • cleaning window sills
  • mopping and scrubbing floors
  • scrubbing, cleaning and disinfecting the toilet (bowl, seat, cover and area around hinges)
  • cleaning bathroom exhaust fan
  • cleaning or replacing shower head
  • cleaning and organizing all cabinets, drawers and closets
  • removal of all clutter and unnecessary items
  • scrubbing stains and grime off walls and floors
  • washing the trash can (inside and outside)

Living & Family Room Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • removing all items that don’t belong to this area
  • dusting wall corners, crown moulding, floor moulding and all flat surfaces
  • dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures
  • deep cleaning door knobs, handles, light switches
  • washing light globes
  • cleaning windows and window sills
  • wiping and disinfecting remote controls, electronic devices and appliances

Bedroom Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • removing all items that don’t belong to the bedroom
  • dusting walls, ceilings, furniture, edges of wall hangings, art and mirrors
  • dusting ceiling fan, light fixtures, table and floor lamps
  • cleaning and organising closets
  • cleaning mattresses
  • vacuuming floors (including the area under the bed)
  • washing bed sheets and window treatments
  • vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • cleaning pillows (or replacing them with new ones)
  • cleaning windows and window sills
  • cleaning lamp shades
  • disinfecting light switch plates and door knobs

How to Keep Your House Clean?

Many people find it difficult to maintain their house’s clean appearance following a deep clean.
They wish to keep the house clean for a longer period of time, but before they realise it, the house will be dirty and cluttered once more. To solve this issue, take a look at our house cleaning checklist

deep cleaning checklist
Denton Nakumura
Denton Nakumura

Denton is the supervisor at CE Cleaning Company Sydney and has many years experience in the cleaning industry.