Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney

Dirty looking carpets, rugs, mattresses and upholstery look disgusting and also harbour bacteria and allergens. This is Our professional carpet cleaners in Sydney have over 10 years experience and are fully equipped with modern hot water extraction equipment which guarantees to restoration your carpets to your satisfaction.

Our Professional Carpet Cleaners in Sydney Provide

  • Carpet Cleaning Solutions – Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Sydney Carpet Cleaning – Servicing all Suburbs across Sydney

  • Upholstery Cleaning Sydney – Remove All Allergens

  • Rug Cleaning – Professional carpet cleaning technicians

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Rejuvenate Your Office Space in Sydney

  • Mattresses Cleaning – Using eco-friendly carpet clean chemicals

  • Odour Removal – Fresh smelling rugs, upholstery and carpet


Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sydney

If you’d like to give your carpets a new lease on life, it’s well worth having your carpets professionally cleaned. When you contact our cleaning company, we’ll send out a professional carpet cleaning technician who will use the hot water extraction (carpet steam cleaning) technique for the cleaning and restoration of your carpets. Once he is finished, you will notice that your carpets will be several shades lighter and will be much softer to walk on. As an added benefit, we only use eco-friendly carpet cleaning chemicals which are safe for children and pets

Why Choose Us:

It’s well worth hiring a carpet cleaning technician which will use the latest carpet clean techniques and equipment, in order to effectively clean your carpets. You won’t need to worry even if you have delicate carpet, which you’re too scared to steam clean. As our team is able to safely and effectively clean all types of carpet.

Not only can our Sydney carpet cleaning technicians clean your carpet but they can also remove hard to remove stains and can help protect your carpets from incurring any further damage. So if you’re looking to extend the life of your carpet, it’s well worth getting in contact with our team.

Professionally cleaned carpets are easier to maintain and having your carpets thoroughly cleaned will significantly extend the life of your carpet. Better yet, having your carpets cleaned will also improve your property’s air quality.

What is Included:
Before our cleaners get to work and thoroughly clean your carpet, they’ll assess the PH levels of any stains which may be visible. So that they’ll be able to ascertain the best possible method of getting rid of any hard to remove stains which may be present.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney

Depending on the type of carpet in your home, our cleaners will either steam clean your carpet or use powdered detergent in order to clean your carpet without the use of steam or water. Using powered detergent is the perfect technique to clean carpets which are comprised of delicate materials. If you opt for this particular option our cleaners will use a rotating bonnet to apply powered detergent to your carpet, before using a powerful, commercial vacuum cleaner to extract dirt, stains and powder from your carpet.

If your carpet is more robust, you can’t go wrong opting to have your carpet steam cleaned. As our experienced cleaners will use a high pressure cleaner to pump hot water into every inch of your carpet. Which will break up dirt particles as well as hard to remove stains. Better yet, steam cleaning your carpet will get rid of any pollutants or bacteria which may be trapped inside your carpet. Especially if it’s been years since you’ve had your carpet professionally cleaned. After being steam cleaned it will take your carpet

Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Sydney

When you hire us for upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning solutions, it only a couple of hours for the upholstery or carpets to dry out properly.

Once you’ve had your upholstery or carpets professionally cleaned, it’s also well worth having our team use a couple of carpet protection techniques such as our scotchguard treatment, in order to extend the life of your carpet and to prevent your carpet from deteriorating.

Get in Touch:
So if you’ve been searching for a professional cleaning service who you can trust to transform the look and feel of your carpet, get in touch with our friendly team at your earliest convenience.


Furniture such as chairs, small tables, and bedside cabinets will be moved by your carpet cleaning professional.
Beds on wheels are included in this category.
You can help by clearing any clutter from the carpeting that needs to be cleaned.

Yes, electricity will be required for the carpet cleaning. Please advise us if you do not have power at the property and we will organise a power generator (additional cost).

All our carpet cleaning technicians are trained to vacuum the carpets before doing the carpet cleaning and is included in the price. This will remove dust and debris which will lead to a better result.